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Vitiligo Treatment Clinic in Delhi | Vitiligo Surgery in New Delhi India

Facts About Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

What is Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Vitiligo is marked by absence of pigments called Melanin and disruotion or destruction of cells produsing melanin-melanocytes . This usually affects sun exposed areas as Face, Neck, Hand , upper chest etc. Later The disease may invove any part of body.

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi
Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Types Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo can be defined by location and spread

• Focal
• Segmental
• Acrofacial
• Vulgaris
• Universalis

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

From the treatment point of view we divide Vitiligo into Stable and Unstable Disease.

The Unstable Vitiligo is the one where disease is increasing- New patches developing or the old patches increasing in size.

The stable Vitiligo is one in which patches of white skin are not increasing in size nor any new patch appears in last one year. Localized Vitiligo has better response to treatment than Generalized Pattern of Vitiligo.

The Unstable Disease is Treated Medically and by Phototherapy

Stable Vitiligo needs Surgical Treatment as Skin Grafting, Punch Grafting or Melanocyte Transplantation.

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Vitiligo Treatment Options

Vitiligo or white patches are a difficult skin disorder which erode our self confidence. Various options that are available in Treatment of Vitiligo are:

Medical Management

1. Topical Steroids
2. Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors
3. Topical Vitamin D3 analogues
4. Topical Placentrax and growth factors

Systemic Medication

• Systemic pulse steroid therapy
• Systemic use of Amino acids - Phenyl alanine and Tyrosine
• Systemic use of Vitamins-Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Ginkoba Biloba
• Use of Immunomodulators
• Use of Phytochemicals- Polypodium Leucotomas, Resveratrol, Curcumin etc.


• Narrow Band U- V B therapy
• Targeted phototherapy

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Narrow Band U V B is very beneficial in Vitiligo patients

• It does not need oral medicines
• It does not cause sun burn as UV A
• It is much more effective than UV A. The dose required is only one tenth of UVA
• The results are faster

Surgical Options for Vitiligo

• Split thickness skin grafting
• Punch Grafting
• Blister Grafting
• Melanocyte Transplantation

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Melanocyte Transplantation is done for stable Vitiligo. It is latest surgical technique for Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

In Melanocyte transplantation

• Donor area is chosen and a thin graft is taken from there
• The graft is treated with Trypsin and incubated to separate Epidermis and Dermis
• The epidermis separated is further centrifuged and melanin pigment is separated from it
• The recipient area is dermabraded
• Melanin pigment is taken in special Medium- Dulbecos Suspension Medium and transferred to recipient area
• The wound is dressed by Collagen sheet

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Epidermis and Dermis being separated

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Melanin pigment pearl seen in bottom of test tube is used for melanocyte transplantation

Post Operative care after Melanocyte Transplantation

• Donot move or use the treated part for next 3-4 days
• The Dressing has to be changed after 4 days
• After 2 weeks of melanocyte transplantation we can start Phototherapy
• Follow the instructions of medications as advised by Doctor

Camouflage Treatment

Vitiligo Cover Lotion

• Tattooing
• Cosmeceuticals

Special Protocols used in Care Well Medical Centre with over 90 % chances of Repigmentation in Unstable Vitiligo

• Proven Protocols to stop the progress of Disease in 2- 3 months in over 90 % cases
• Use of special supplements and vitamins to assist repigmentation even in difficult cases
• Use of Phytochemicals to heal this disorder holistically
• Ozone Therapy for immune Balancing
• Use of Phototherapy and targeted phototherapy to induce pigmentation

In stable Vitiligo we use Melanocyte Transplantation to cover the patches because

• Better Cosmetic Results as compared to Skin grafting
• Minimal Scarring
• Upto 200 sq cm area covered in one sitting
• Results in 2- 3 months
• Best suited for white patches on face, lips , Fingers
• Success rate 75-90%
• Donor area requirement is much less than skin grafting
• Experience of over 5 years in Mealnocyte Transplantation

Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

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