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FAQ - Melanocyte Transplantation & Vitligo Management

Question - What is Unstable Vitiligo?

Answer - Unstable Vitiligo is one in which white patches are increasing in size or new patches are coming up.

Question - What are common methods of treatment of Unstable vitligo?

Answer - Unstable Vitiligo needs Medical management. It is treated by Oral Medicines, Topical creams, Phototherapy and Ozone immunotherapy.

Question - How is treatment of Unstable Vitligo done in Care Well Medical Centre ?

Answer - For Unstable Vitiligo we use a integrated approach. We use protocol of Dr. Pasricha which has over 80% success rate in Vitligo management. We combine this with use of Ozone immunotherapy, Vitamins, Proven plant supplements, Aminoacids and Immuno0modulation. We lay emphasis on use of Narrow Band Ultra Violet Therapy and UV blood irradiation. With all this our success rate in Vitligo management goes above 90% . Vitligo cases which are not responding to any treatment usually respond very well within 3 months of treatment with us.

Question - How does Ozone Immunotherapy work in Vitiligo ?

Answer - Ozone is well known to have Immunomodulatory role. We use ozone minor autohaemotherapy and UV Blood Irradiation in Vitligo cases. This helps to balance immune system and arrest Vitligo spread.

Question - What is role of Vitamins in Vitiligo management?

Answer - It is well proven that Vitiligo patients have high oxidative stress.There is lot of evidence that Folic acid, Vitamin B ,Calcium,Super oxide dismutase , Vitamin D3,Resveratrol, Curcumin etc can help in pigmentation and arrest the spread of disease. We also use weekly high dose intravenous vitamins as Myers Protocol which can assist in early healing of lesions.

Question - Why do you use Phenyl Alanine in Vitiligo management ?

Answer - Aminoacids as Phenyl alanine and Tyrosine, PABA are used as precursors of Melanin pigment which can restore the colour of Skin in vitiligo. So we use these Supplements orally and topically also.This helps in repigmentation. There is role of Calcium along with these supplements which we give orally and intravenously.

Question - How using Natural Supllements as Polypodium Leucotomas, Ammi Majus, Bakuchi helpful?

Answer - Polypodium Leucotomas is a natural fern which prevent skin from UV damage. It is found to be useful in Vitiligo, Photodermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczemas etc. It also balances Immune system. Ammi Majus is very helpful in Vitligo management.

Question - How do you you use Immunomodulation in Vitiligo treatment.?

Answer - We use medines which can balance immune system and reduce excess stress in body. These are based on studies of Dr. Lechin. These medicines commonly used for other treatments can reduce inflammation and help in Vitligo management. We have good result with Pioglitazone which has anti inflammatory role.

Question - How cases of Vitligo not responding to other treatments show a good result in your Centre?

Answer - Vitiligo is usually caused by Auto immune problem, Excess of Oxidative stress, and increased sympathetic tone. Most treatment protocols try to work on one cause only. We try multipronged aggressive approach with use of High dose Vitamins, Immunmodulation, Reducing excess sympathetic activity and using Phototherapy. Combination of all and aggressive approach allow us to have a very high success rate.

Question - What is Success rate of Vitiligo Recovery by your protocols ?

Answer - With all these our success rate in Vitliog is over 90%. This requires commitment from patient side to follow our protocol. Usually results come in 3 months time, though in some cases 6-9 months may be taken. But if one is committed Vitiligo can be controlled and reduced to a great extent.

Question - When is Surgical treatment indicated in Vitiligo?

Answer - As discussed for Vitligo which is increasing Medical management is best. For Vitiligo which is not increasing in size for last 1 year Surgical management is indicated.

Question - What are various Surgical treatments in vitiligo?

Answer - We can use
1. Skin Grafting
2. Punch Grafting
3. Blister Grafting
4. Melanocyte Transplantation

Question - Why Melanocyte Transplant is so popular in Stable Vitligo Management ?

Answer - Melanocyte Transplantation is used in stable vitiligo and it is becoming very popular becauseIt has best Cosmetic results. Donor area requirement is less than 30% of recipient area. Minimal Scarring. The results come within 2-3 months. Success rate is between 70-95%.

Question - Who can Under go Melanocyte Trans plantation?

Answer - Any one with stable Vitiligio- The disease in which white patches are not increasing in size for last 1 year can undergo this treatment. We donot recommend Melanocyte Transplantation if more than 20 % of Body Surface area is covered by Vitiligo.

Question - How much area can be covered in single sitting of Melanocyte Transplantation ?

Answer - Maximum of 200 sq cm of area can be covered by Melanocyte Transplantation in one sitting.

Question - What are post operative Precautions ?

Answer - In post operative care avoiding much movement or ambulation of grafted area should be avoided. Post operatively we advise use of NBUVB therapy, Topical medications and oral supplements which can help in early pigmentation. These should be used to improve results.

Question - What is Success rate of Melanocyte Transplantation ?

Answer - Success rate of Melanocyte Transplantation varies between 70-95%. In Genralized disease success rate is 70-80%. In Acrofacial Vitligo-Vitiligo of fingers, face etc success rate is 70%. In Hair bearing area of body as legs, arms, etc Success rate may be 90-95%.In Focal vitligo Success rate may bre above 90%.